Hi! We're PeachBlack. A startup studio by an Indian developer duo.

We, @kantbtrue and @savydv are full stack creators. We make all kinds of tools and apps for real people who are working for self-financial independence like us, and... watch some anime, of course.


Why we have started PeachBlack?

PeachBlack is just a name to serve as a single source of truth for all our projects because basically, they are too many.


Stuff that we have created

We have released more than 30+ micro project since 2017, some succeeded, failed, and some did better than our expectations like Eposo - which is a content curation WordPress theme.

We release most of the experimental and WordPress based projects under qdonow. It is basically, our sandbox of wild thoughts.

It is not like we only make digital goods and tools. We also provide service on-demand through our venture DesignThingy - which is a productized service. On DesignThingy, we offer the design to live website conversion service.

Also, we do some work just out of interest like Themes for app, Engigogo and InitiatorCreator. We have created Themes For App for Indie makers and creators like us to save their valuable time and energy on designing a landing page or website for their side-project or startup. It became #2 product of the day on ProductHunt with 500+ upvotes.

Initiator Creator is a weekly publication with curated content collected from 80+ resources relevant to side hustlers.

Engigogo is a community-curated directory of resources and tools to help the new generation of professionals to choose the right tools for their work or business.

There are many super awesome projects on the way. So stay tuned!


Our recent projects

WidgetStack - We are building WidgetStack for a simple reason; we have some ideas that we like to develop and share with others. But these project ideas are too small to launch as an independent project and too good to ignore.

Initiator Creator - My second attempt to create a community for side hustlers.

Announcing Manyreads - A possible alternative to Goodbits, Revue, and Curated.

We're building some super awesome projects.

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